About Us

Intelligenxia™ has become the mean analysis information provider of the retail industry, showing in deepness, parameters that allow you to measure, manage and evaluate the behavior and experience of the shoppers.

Intelligenxia™ specializes in developing high Shopper & Trade Marketing content, based on a self develop  TI platform.

Through one of its products , OptimEyes™Intelligenxia™ can determine with high precision the main  pre-sale SKU, such as: traffic, dwelling, conversion, dwelling rate, uptake rate, sales potential, sales man endowment,  evaluating marketing activities (Brand, Shopper & Trade Marketing), lay-out and many more.

More over Intelligenxia™ has develop more than 1600 algorithms, which in an automated way, recommend online what line of action should be taken in order to capture the sales potential inside every store.

Intelligenxia™ is leader on information analysis covering the world market, providing solutions and projections to the industry and their providers.